PeopleSoft Passion – Not Merely a Motto

by Jennifer Berry on January 28, 2013

I was sitting at my son’s hockey game a few weekends ago thinking what makes a group of guys go out there and give it 110% game after game, week in and week out? Win, lose (because there are always going to be losses) or tie, to go out there and give it your all, to put your heart and soul into every game? And to do this year after year? To experience the ups and downs of the game and stay focused on the end result? To be able to pull on your experience from past games and alter your game plan to meet this game’s new challenges? To know that your teammates each bring their own set of skills to the game and that everyone is working for the good of the team? To travel and give up time with friends and family; to miss out on parties, special events and holidays – time you won’t get back and memories you won’t make? To go into that rink against players that are sometimes bigger than you and face them with the confidence, that even though you are smaller, you are just as qualified, just as skilled to be in the game?

What is it? What makes him do this?


He is passionate about what he is doing. You can’t teach that kind of passion, that love for something. And MIPRO team members are passionate about PeopleSoft. They are out there giving it 110%, win, lose or tie. They are staying focused on the end result and pulling on past experience to help them on the current project. They are counting on their teammates to bring their own skill set to the project. They are travelling and giving up time with friends and family. And, yes, sometimes MIPRO is stepping into the rink with the big guys but doing it with confidence that they are just as skilled as their opponent to be in the game. At MIPRO, “limitless passion” isn’t a clever marketing strategy, it personifies who we are.


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