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MIPRO Featured in the April 2013 Edition of Cleaner Magazine

Properly functioning equipment is a vital component of success for many industries.  Unfortunately, maintenance on that equipment typically only becomes a priority when it fails or breaks—and even then the choice to fix or replace the machinery is often a product of whether the cost of repair exceeds the cost to buy new equipment.  With Asset Lifecycle Management (ALM), organizations can take a more proactive approach to equipment maintenance and help improve safety, reduce downtime and lower overall equipment costs.
MIPRO Consulting regularly works with organizations of all sizes in a variety of industries to implement and optimize PeopleSoft ALM solutions that ensure equipment performs to its greatest potential.
Shannon Klabnik, MIPRO’s PeopleSoft Practice Director, recently lent her ALM expertise to Cleaner magazine for an article titled, “Get the Most From Your Gear.”  The article discusses the benefits of applying ALM software to your inventory, as well as best practices for implementing and utilizing it.
To read the full article, click here.
If you have any questions about PeopleSoft ALM for your Organization, please don’t hesitate to contact MIPRO, or reach out directly to Shannon Klabnik .
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