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MIPRO Featured in the March 2013 Edition of Gas Oil & Mining Contractor

Contractors in the gas, oil and mining sectors own and maintain a massive array of equipment that experiences daily use and heavy wear.  Often, maintenance of machinery only becomes a priority when operators see obvious signs that equipment is malfunctioning or broken.  Replacement is simply a function of whether equipment repair bills exceed the cost of buying new equipment. 
By applying the principles of Asset Lifecycle Management (ALM) to their inventory, contractors can improve safety, reduce downtime, predict breakdowns, minimize the cost of maintenance, and lower overall equipment costs.
Shannon Klabnik is the PeopleSoft Practice Director for MIPRO Consulting.  MIPRO is a consultancy specializing in Oracle PeopleSoft applications, regularly working with organizations of all sizes to implement and optimize PeopleSoft modules that improve efficiency, maintain compliance and maximize productivity.  PeopleSoft Asset Lifecycle Management (ALM) is a robust solution that enables companies to prioritize assets and manage their facilities for optimal utilization and uptime.  Having been involved with more PeopleSoft ALM implementations than any other consultancy in North America, MIPRO has distinguished itself as a thought leader in this space and is often called on to serve as an expert source to national trade media.


“Gas, oil and mining contractors rely on complex, specially designed machinery in remote corners of the globe in a range of varied landscapes, rugged terrain and unpredictable environments,” Klabnik says.
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If you have any questions about PeopleSoft ALM for your Organization, please don’t hesitate to contact MIPRO, or reach out directly to Shannon Klabnik . We look forward to connecting with you soon!