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MIPRO Consulting Contributes Second Article to HealthCare Finance News

Posted:  April 2014
Supply chain costs account for a surprisingly high percentage of the overall total operating budget at healthcare facilities, making clear insight into supply chain processes critical to ensuring maximum efficiency and long-term cost savings.
To help improve supply chain proficiency, many organizations are turning to robust supply chain management (SCM) solutions. The best SCM solutions utilize sophisticated software and systems that can help improve effectiveness, streamline and optimize critical business processes and significantly enhance an organization’s bottom line.
MIPRO Consulting’s PeopleSoft Practice Manager Roland Bulvilofsky recently contributed a second article to HealthCare Finance News.  The article entitled, “Time for a supply chain health check,” provides best practices for healthcare facilities to get the most out of their supply chain software.
To read the full article, click here.
If you have any questions about PeopleSoft Supply Chain Management for your Organization, please don’t hesitate to contact MIPRO, or reach out directly to Roland.