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MIPRO Consulting reports PeopleSoft 9.2, PUM and HTML5 hot topics at Oracle OpenWorld 2013

The streets of San Francisco were buzzing with all things Oracle a couple weeks ago, as more than 60,000 people gathered in the city for Oracle OpenWorld, the largest gathering of Oracle users, representatives and vendors in North America.  Adding to the excitement of the event was Oracle Team USA’s decisive victory in the America’s Cup—completing one of the greatest comebacks in sports history.  The exhilaration from the race translated to the conference, which was humming with several stimulating topics of its own.
As a consultancy specializing in PeopleSoft implementations, upgrades and optimizations, the MIPRO representatives on the ground at OpenWorld had a finger on the discussion pulse for all things PeopleSoft.  As expected, there was plenty of discussion surrounding 9.2, HTML5 and PeopleSoft Update Manager (PUM).
The general consensus around PeopleSoft 9.2 points to serious upgrade opportunities in 2014, with many users allocating budget for the coming year accordingly.  Larry Zagata, MIPRO’s Vice President of Solution Delivery, participated on a PeopleSoft 9.2 Upgrade Panel Discussion.  In front of more than 100 attendees, Larry and the other panelists articulated their experiences with 9.2 upgrade projects, including challenges and best practices to overcome.  The consensus of the panelists was that organizations can reduce module customization by as much as 85 percent through enhanced, out-of-the-box functionality—which results in lower cost of ownership, enhanced user experience and improved efficiencies.
Jim Prokes and Bernadette Sprawka were featured in a PeopleSoft 9.2 testimonial video that played at the conference before Paco Aubrejuan, senior vice president of PeopleSoft development, presented his keynote address in front of 1,200 attendees.  Paco spoke at length about PeopleSoft’s move to HTML5, which will make PeopleSoft device agnostic.  Once the move is complete, PeopleSoft will be accessible without complication regardless of the device on which it is operating, capitalizing on the flexibility and productivity of a mobile workforce.
PUM, dubbed by Paco in a previous presentation as the most strategic investment for PeopleSoft viability in the last 10 years, will allow customers to select strategic updates from new releases as opposed to conducting full-scale upgrades every few years.  From the customer perspective, PUM is highly attractive because it allows businesses to spread out the cost of an update. For Oracle reps and partners, the introduction of PUM presents the opportunity to have face time with clients every few weeks or months instead of years.
Anne Meyer, MIPRO’s PeopleSoft HCM practice director, attended a special PeopleSoft User Experience session highlighting some of the new products and ideas that Oracle has in the works.  While the information from the session is under wraps, Anne did share that she was very impressed with what she saw and enthusiastic about future PeopleSoft releases.
Finally, the conversations surrounding Fusion and potential for coexistent strategies with PeopleSoft are far more real than ever before. Existing customers want to know how they can leverage Fusion’s functionality with their PeopleSoft infrastructure, and MIPRO is confident that deals will come to fruition in the coming months as a result.
Oracle OpenWorld proved to be a huge success, and the positive momentum for the future of Oracle products—especially PeopleSoft—was incredibly energizing.  For more information on the future of PeopleSoft or to share your thoughts from OpenWorld, feel free to visit our blog or contact us directly
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