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Unlike many other industry consultants, MIPRO has a true passion for PeopleSoft. Our
history with the product and our familiarity with its origins translate to a deep understanding of
PeopleSoft at our core. It is in our very DNA. Within our PeopleSoft whitepapers, we captured
this understanding and share our approach to maximizing the value of the PeopleSoft product

Inside the MIPRO Resource Center, we have created an archive of PeopleSoft
whitepapers, webinars, datasheets and other valuable downloads. The subjects covered
range from customer profiles and case studies to outlines of business intelligence
requirements and product overviews. This information is designed to help businesses
make smarter decisions regarding their investments in PeopleSoft.

Do you need some direction on where to take your PeopleSoft next? How about some
advice on whether or not a specific solution can create positive change within your
business? Check out MIPRO’s PeopleSoft whitepapers, datasheets and webinars for
expert insight and commentary on these topics and many more.