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The Value of Adding Facilities Management to your PeopleSoft Solution

  • Mark Rosenberg, Director Product Strategy. Oracle
  • David Scott, Director Northeast, MIPRO Consulting
  • Roland Butvilofsky, Practice Manager, MIPRO Consulting
  • Jerry Houston, Alliance Director, Oracle
  • Eddie McNutt, East Kentucky Power Cooperative
Date:  January 24, 2014
Running Length:  51.37
What is your largest business expense, after labor? In many industries, it is your working capital in the form of facilities and assets. What if you could capture more value from that asset, and bring the benefits of mobile and collaborative workflow, fully integrated in your PeopleSoft ERP Solution?With PeopleSoft Maintenance Management, you can now integrate your facilities management operations with purchasing, inventory, and asset management to pro-actively managing your assets while you integrate work orders with HCM to ensure skilled (and certified) technicians on every job.

Adding Facilities Maintenance to your PeopleSoft Solution for Higher Education

  • David Scott, Northeast Regional Director, MIPRO Consulting
  • Shannon Klabnik, PeopleSoft Practice Director, MIPRO Consulting
  • David Trippe, Principal Solutions Consultant, Oracle
  • Mike Madden, Asset Lifecycle Management Solutions Director, Oracle
Date:  February 16, 2012
Running Length:  38:23
For years, when you talked to people about a “full suite” PeopleSoft solution, they would tell you that the solution had 3 components – Human Capital Management (HCM), Financials, and Student Administration.  They recognized the power of PeopleSoft to deliver a fully integrated solution that brought these three critical elements together for a single campus-wide answer to their administrative systems.  Today, that equation has a fourth element – Facilities Management.  You no longer need a separate system to manage work orders, or to perform fleet management, or to capitalize costs on your most important assets.

Using PeopleTools 8.51+ to Improve Business Intelligence

Presenter:  Larry Zagata, VP of Solutions Delivery – MIPRO Consulting
Date:  October 27, 2011
Running Length:  11:27
This presentation discusses and demonstrates how to take advantage of native PeopleTools 8.51 and higher to improve business intelligence in your organization.

Using Delivered PeopleTools to Create Embedded Pagelets, XML Publisher & related Content

Presenter:  Larry Zagata, VP of Solutions Delivery – MIPRO Consulting
Recorded Date:  November 7, 2011
Running Length:  10:17 
In our previous video blog, we demonstrated the concepts of using PeopleTools 8.5 for improved business intelligence.   In this follow up video blog, we demo how to actually use PeopleTools to create an embeddable pagelet and related content.  This video will complete the story and give you some basic concepts to get you started.