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Selective Adoption Services

MIPRO’s Selective Adoption Workshop is designed to assist your organization in getting the most out of its current PeopleSoft 9.2 deployment. Once the workshop is complete you will have the elements to create a long term strategy designed specifically for your organization.

BluePrint Project Services

MIPRO’s BluePrint Project Services is a strategy and planning workshop designed to help you create a focused implementation or upgrade  strategy. Even if you decide to use your own internal resources after the workshop, your chances of running a successful project will be dramatically increased.

PeopleSoft HCM Health Check

MIPRO Consulting, through our PeopleSoft HCM Functional Business Process Health Check offering, has helped organizations identify the root causes of their HCM related product and business process issues and provide near-term and long-term remediation steps—all without lengthy workshops or day-long sessions. We maximize efficiency, minimize disruption and provide you with the tools to optimize your HCM solution.

PeopleSoft Architecture Assessment

You’re probably not getting the most from your IT spending. Do you know where your PeopleSoft applications will be in the next two years? Are your people using industry standards and best practices? Can your current architecture support you into the next phase of growth or next generation of technology?  MIPRO follows a structured Architecture Assessment methodology, utilizing proven fact-finding discovery techniques and applying deep technological expertise in order to assess your current architecture deployment and recommend changes to support your organizations future growth and objectives.

PeopleSoft Value Health Check

PeopleSoft solutions that are underutilized, not being used properly to meet today’s business challenges, or sitting on the shelf are not providing the business value they are capable of.  These products can be used to solve your most pressing issues for far less cost than new modules or expensive upgrades.  We can help you unlock the value of these products and maximize your business value.

ALM Jumpstart

When made aware of PeopleSoft ALM’s robust integration of purchasing, inventory, asset management, project costing and general ledger capabilities that are the cornerstone benefit of the product, most company leaders are thirsting to know more. When they learn more about the solution’s ability to improve asset visibility, management and operations, they wonder why they haven’t already installed it.