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PeopleSoft Architecture Assessment

Without a true assessment, there are only assumptions.
Be honest. You’re probably not getting the most from your IT spending. Do you know where your PeopleSoft applications will be in the next two years? Are your people using industry standards and best practices? Can your current architecture support you into the next phase of growth or next generation of technology?
MIPRO follows a structured Architecture Assessment methodology, utilizing proven fact-finding discovery techniques and applying deep technological expertise.

What we’ll do:

  • Lead you to the best technology decisions. Our consultants have unmatched perspective on what works for PeopleSoft applications
  • Bridge the gap between business processes and supporting technologies
  • Confront technical issues immediately
  • Minimize technical risks by discussing all potential issues, decisions and consequences
  • Identify resource needs, if necessary

What we’ll deliver:

  • Architecture Assessment Report.  A comprehensive detailing of the assessment’s findings and recommendations
  • Half-day architectural overview.  This session will allow full knowledge transfer and help everyone understand the status and direction of your go-forward PeopleSoft application architecture
Having the right intelligence allows your organization to do the right thing, regardless of technical challenge. If you’re ready to learn more, click here, or contact us today!