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Blueprint Project Services

There’s a direct correlation between planning and success.
MIPRO’s BluePrint Project Services is a strategy and planning workshop designed to help you create a focused implementation or upgrade strategy. Even if you decide to use your own internal resources after the workshop, your chances of running a successful project will be dramatically increased.
The fact is, many enterprise software projects fail because the project team lacks direction and has no clear project map. Others incur serious delays or budget overruns because of scope creep and unanticipated changes. BluePrint will help you develop an implementation/upgrade strategy that maps to your specific business needs and is built upon clear forethought and planning.
What it is:
  • A natural starting point for any PeopleSoft or Business Intelligence implementation or upgrade project
  • Affordable, value-rich and flexible
  • One to two-week onsite workshop
  • Facilitated by MIPRO consultants
  • Agnostic to industry or specific application
  • Applicable to any implementation or upgrade involving several applications crossing functional/ organizational boundaries

What it will do:

  • Establish project objectives and timeline early
  • Establish assumptions
  • Recognize and mitigate project risks and constraints
  • Foster strong sponsorship of the project by both the project team and senior management
  • Develop a project mindset that encourages team participation, understanding, responsibility and inclusive solutions
  • Encourage senior management participation in critical milestones
  • Develop a process to prevent unplanned scope change threats
  • Clearly define project roles and responsibilities
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