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PeopleTools Upgrade

New apps demand new tools.
PeopleSoft applications have steadily improved in functionality and maturity, expanding their feature sets considerably since the 8.x releases. Now comes PeopleTools 8.5.
Regardless of your current priorities, there is a way to upgrade PeopleTools to the latest version quickly, efficiently and with low risk, to ensure your PeopleTools deployment has caught up with the functional components of your PeopleSoft 8.8, 8.9, 9.0 and 9.1 systems.
It doesn’t have to be complex, risky or expensive. Through our nationally recognized knowledge and years of deep experience with PeopleSoft, MIPRO has designed an efficient, cost-effective and rapid solution-center approach for upgrading a PeopleTools installation to release 8.5.

What we’ll do:

  • Review and analyze your current PeopleTools deployment
  • Prepare a PeopleTools solution center environment specific to your upgrade
  • Install a demo of PeopleTools 8.5
  • Upgrade a single development environment to the 8.5 release
  • Test the upgraded development environment via rigorous test scripts and standards
  • Move the upgraded development to production upon your approval of successful test results
  • Provide professional support and expertise throughout the upgrade process
  • Identify changes to functionality that require communication to the end user community
If you’re caught between wanting the newest release of PeopleTools and the constraints of your time, budget or expertise, let’s talk. If you’d like to read more, download MIPRO’s PeopleTools Upgrade data sheet here.