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Our professionals are experienced with all phases of a new product implementation or existing product upgrade. We take a holistic approach, navigating the complete project lifecycle rather than participating in a limited piece of a bigger picture. This stem-to-stern approach ensures success of outcome, as we work hard to identify and avoid potential pitfalls in your project. We are not afraid to recognize an obstacle when we see one; in fact, we take them head-on.


From simple product patch-and-fix projects to comprehensive global upgrade initiatives, we will guide you through an integrated upgrade initiative—however straight forward or challenging it may be. Our consultants will help explain the benefits or risks associated with replacing or updating your own customized objects.


Optimizations must be optimal, and we settle for nothing less. An optimized automated soultion can give you better business insight while reducing corporate risk and supporting corporate objectives and goals.

Change Management

Let’s face it, there will be some level of change when your project is complete, which will bring with it manageable issues that can’t be ignored. Our process is to work closely with you beyond the scope of your implementation, upgrade or optimization in the areas of Change Management, Knowledge Transfer, and Training.

Our Methodology

It is a process borne from passion.  MIPRO has spent years developing, refining and perfecting a proprietary methodology many now know as an agile, scalable, focused, efficient and cost-effective approach to software implementations, upgrades or optimizations.  We call it our MIPRO MPower Methodology.