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The true value inherent in any software investment is less in the product itself and more in how effectively it’s implemented. Great software, only when coupled with outstanding implementation, provides great value and return on investment.

That’s why our PeopleSoft Implementation methodology focuses entirely on the value you’re trying to capture out of your software investment—the business functions you are trying to improve, change or enhance, or the issues you are trying to solve.

Our approach goes well beyond the transactional implementation. It begins with understanding, it evolves through strategic planning, and it transcends the implementation to move fully to measurement. At the end of the day, MIPRO needs to know: Did we accomplish your business objectives?

Objectives should include timeline and budget, but to truly capture value, they must be much more holistic. True value is derived from a complete analysis of:

  • Did the solution meet or exceed your core business objectives and performance expectations?
  • Has your organization achieved self-sufficiency with the software?
  • Was the project delivered within the required timeline?
  • Was the project delivered within the defined budget?

If not all of these metrics are accounted for and checked against upon project completion, the project will not maximize the entire spectrum of opportunity.

We have a process to get you there

We begin with a BluePrint Workshop to carefully discover and clearly define the overarching strategy. We move on to developing the execution plan to achieve all objectives. We perform the requisite scope of work. Then we measure.
Taking this approach, we’re never afraid of the results.
We’ve been doing this a long time. It’s because we love it; we know it. And we’d love to talk to you about your needs. Call us today!