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Change Management


Whoever said “Nobody likes change” has never worked with us.

MIPRO’s exclusive MIPRO MPower Methodology platform includes a comprehensive program to plan for, address and proactively tackle the issues that come from significant change. And let’s face it, there will be some level of change when your project is complete, which will bring with it manageable issues that can’t be ignored. Our process is to work closely with you beyond the scope of your implementation, upgrade or optimization in the areas of Change Management, Knowledge Transfer, and Training.

Change Management

We will begin with a change management assessment, an analysis of your organization’s readiness for change and determining the need for project-oriented communication. Though many wish it were so, you simply can’t “flip the switch” and hope everything works out. We will analyze the results of the assessment and develop strategies that leverage current best practices and new technology in order to keep team members and stakeholders informed about the impending system changes affecting their work.

Knowledge Transfer

It is critical that your team leave the project with as much product knowledge as the MIPRO consulting team. MIPRO will work with you to create a knowledge transfer strategy to ensure that knowledge transfer occurs efficiently and effectively—from your organization to MIPRO and vice versa.  All aspects of the project, from developing the project charter to fit/gap, testing and training must all take into account how knowledge transfer will most optimally be achieved.  Making sure that everyone has the knowledge they need to maximize the project’s success after the fact is a cornerstone to our process.


We proactively work with your team to assess its training needs to determine the overall training effort needed. Sometimes it’s a little; often it’s a lot. And we scale to meet your needs. We will cover all end-user training for the customer core team business users and technical support, plus any additional employees as necessary. While creating the solution, MIPRO will assess the level of learning required and develop the plan to provide a cost-efficient and effective training solution.
We’ve been doing this a long time. It’s because we love it; we know it. And we’d love to talk to you about your needs. Call us today!