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With so much performance data now available, putting a lens on specific processes and procedures can help organizations gain clarity when it comes to key decision-making. Business Intelligence tools make this possible and help enterprises gain insight into their operations while identifying opportunities for reducing costs, increasing profitability and tapping hidden markets.

When PeopleSoft customers are looking for Business Intelligence tools they can find some functionality within PeopleTools itself.  MIPRO has helped numerous companies truly understand their organizations and make smarter decisions. By leveraging the newest version recently delivered in PeopleTools, companies can view comprehensive business analytics, helping them accurately measure the health of their business.

In addition to using to using the functionality delivered in PeopleTools, PeopleSoft customers interested in BI also turn to Oracle Enterprise Performance Management suite.  MIPRO has helped customers with their BI requirements gathering, planning their BI strategy and implementing BI solutions.  With every implementation, our goal is to deliver an end solution that answers critical business questions and provides the right path for creating positive change.

We believe so much in the power of Oracle Business Intelligence and PeopleSoft BI, we’ve dedicated a specific category of our blog to the subject. To read our thoughts on the topic, check out the MIPRO Unfiltered blog.

In addition to our dozens of blog posts, MIPRO’s Larry Zagata, an expert in the ERP Business Intelligence space, authored a detailed manifesto discussing the six requirements for effective business intelligence deployment. To download the white paper, click here.