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Whether you are a private company, public corporation or government entity, hard asset management software can help track critical organizational assets and control expenses. It can also offer greater insight into asset performance and help to identify trends, leading to smarter investments.

When selecting a consultant to help implement and deploy hard asset management software, you need a trusted partner who possesses the right experience and a track record for managing successful programs. Few companies possess the breadth and depth of experience of MIPRO. A recognized thought and delivery leader for PeopleSoft Asset Lifecycle Management (ALM), MIPRO has been involved in more PeopleSoft ALM deployments throughout North America than any other consultancy in North America.

Our expert understanding of hard asset management through the use of PeopleSoft ALM allows us to help organizations break down silos across the enterprise. We provide guidance to companies and institutions seeking the means to properly track and manage assets throughout the company, ensuring that appropriate asset investments are made at the right time.

To learn more about MIPRO’s experience with hard asset management, please download our PeopleSoft ALM data sheet or contact us today.