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In order to effectively manage your corporate real estate portfolio and associated functions, businesses need the appropriate software that can effectively reduce costs and mitigate related risks. When faced with this challenge, many enterprise organizations select PeopleSoft real estate management and PeopleSoft Asset Lifecycle Management (ALM) as their solutions of choice.

MIPRO has built a team of experienced and trusted consultants who have an unmatched understanding of what is required to implement and optimize PeopleSoft real estate management through PeopleSoft ALM. We have helped a number of organizations navigate this comprehensive solution and assisted with automating important real estate functions related to leasing and space management.

Additionally, MIPRO is the only consultancy in the United States that has been involved in the majority of PeopleSoft ALM deployments in North America. Our unrivaled experience with PeopleSoft ALM has earned us the reputation as a thought and delivery leader in the space.

To learn more about how MIPRO can help you tap into the power of PeopleSoft real estate management and PeopleSoft ALM, contact us today. You can also read our thoughts on PeopleSoft real estate management and PeopleSoft ALM on the MIPRO Unfiltered blog.