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Enterprises leveraging the power of PeopleSoft Human Capital Management have the opportunity to build a customized and scalable solution for their HR management needs. However, as business needs and focuses change, so to must functions of specific software products. Luckily for Oracle customers, they can easily pivot and integrate new features by tapping into the features of HCM modules in PeopleSoft.

In order to address specific business needs and enhance the PeopleSoft HCM experience, HCM modules in PeopleSoft create new opportunities for improving HR performance. These modules can help organizations address talent management, benefits administration, work force analysis and other key HR functions.

MIPRO has worked with some of the world’s most recognized brands to implement HCM modules in PeopleSoft. Our proprietary methodology has helped organizations of various size and scale identify the appropriate additions to their PeopleSoft product suite. In addition to implementations, MIPRO has developed customized training programs for many of these organizations that are designed to minimize disruption and maximize knowledge transfer.

If your organization would like to maximize your investment in PeopleSoft HCM, contact MIPRO today to learn more about HCM modules in PeopleSoft.