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Who We Are

MIPRO has a single point of focus: PeopleSoft. We invest the time to understand what success looks like for each individual customer and work as a valued partner to meet each customer’s needs through implementations, upgrades and optimizations that will propel critical business processes to the next level.

MIPRO’s PeopleSoft Heritage

MIPRO has been guided since 2005 by a strong and enduring passion for three things: employing and inspiring the best people in the business, the success of our clients, and PeopleSoft. It’s a passion that conditions our every pursuit, fueling one persistent and consistent motivation: to do the right thing.
This drives us to go beyond the extra mile to provide not just any solution but the right solution. We are not afraid to have difficult conversations when necessary because we settle for nothing less than the right result. We care enough to confront the challenges before us head-on, as we expect and demand great outcomes for our clients.
Because we have a single direction and a consistent professional focus, we operate with the precision and skill of a specialist where others aspire to be the generalist. While some try to be all things to all people, we are content to be all things to all PeopleSoft.
With a lineage that traces back to the very early days of PeopleSoft itself, it’s only natural that this technology would be at the core of who are as a company. In many ways, MIPRO was borne from PeopleSoft. We love it; we live it; we breathe it everyday. Our history with the product and our familiarity with its origins translate to a deep understanding of PeopleSoft at our core. It is in our very DNA. Who is better suited to continue to expand and explore the power and potential of the product than those who helped mature the innovation of it?
Our PeopleSoft heritage enables us to know how best to implement, leverage and maintain the product’s strengths, and our deep industry relationships allow us to not just support ongoing product development, but to voice strategic input on the direction of the product’s future. 
Over the years MIPRO has earned a reputation for integrity, honesty and for always “doing the right thing.” Recognized as one of the 101 Best Companies to Work for 11 years in a row and as a Crain’s Cool Places to Work four times has enabled us to attract and retain top talent for our customers.
MIPRO brings the most qualified people in the industry to optimize, upgrade and implement PeopleSoft.  We are experts with PeopleSoft ERP (Financials, Supply Chain Management), Human Capital Management and Business Intelligence.  MIPRO is also unique in having a PeopleSoft practice dedicated to Asset Lifecycle Management.
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